Import Design File Into Monday Hero

Import design file to convert the Adobe XD / Sketch design to iOS/Android code.

Import the UI Design and Auto-Generate the Assets

Sketch plugin will be automatically installed when you install Monday Hero. You should select the artboard/s that you want to work on in the design tool. Click Plugins > Monday Hero > Export.

If you can’t see/don't have the plugin in Sketch/Adobe XD, Plugins > Monday Hero, you can manually download it from here and double-click to install in seconds.

Sketch / Adobe XD Plugin to Import Design

Adobe XD
Exporting designs from Sketch via Monday Hero Plugin.
Adobe XD
Exporting designs from Adobe XD via Monday Hero Plugin.

After clicking the export button, the project selection pop-up will appear. Choose the project and click Import.

Monday Hero Plugin — Project Selection Screen

You will see the Importing Design pop-up window. While you are watching the animation, Artboards you've selected are getting analyzed and uploaded to your project.

Uploading designs through Monday Hero Plugin.

When the animation finishes, the screens are added into the project as can be seen below and the design file is exported.

Monday Hero - Screens: Uploaded screens under Project Screens window.

You can continue to work on the screens individually or share them with your team.