Learn how to quickly convert designs into code with Monday Hero.

What is Monday Hero?

Monday Hero converts designs into iOS and Android code for developers and designers. This allows product teams to avoid dealing with basic coding for UI, fonts, colors, and assets. It's best for saving time by removing repetitive manual work in the UI and focus on the functionality/creativity more.

Use it to convert Sketch App, Adobe XD, and Figma designs into iOS and Android UI code(Swift and Flutter).

Below is a 6-minute video on how to use Monday Hero's Mac App. In this tutorial, you can learn how to:

  1. Upload designs to Monday Hero,

  2. Create components like buttons, text fields, and lists,

  3. Export code and launch on a mobile device.

Monday Hero automatically understands the images, texts, and views in the design. Select the elements and convert them to components/widgets, buttons, text boxes, lists, or grids... Then, copy the code to use it immediately, and download assets, and all necessary elements.

What are the key benefits?

Speed up your workflow ⚡️

Save up to 30 percent of the total project time on UI tasks that are already well-prepared by a designer.

Bring your designs into life 🎨

Easily achieve the correct color, font, and pixel for every item, bringing your designs to life effortlessly.

Meet the demands on time ⏳

Allocate more time to focus on functionality, coding, and testing.

Get ready-to-run UI and project files 💻

Export the user-interface design as fully-working code complete with assets.

Remove conflicts and misunderstandings 🗣

Enhance designer-developer collaboration

What are the most important features of the design to code with Monday Hero?

Our functions that teams love:

  • Convert layers to native iOS components or Flutter components,

  • Exporting the source code, assets, fonts, colors, and UI for iOS via plugins and working independently,

  • UI (Storyboard) support,

  • Responsive UI to support all screen sizes,

  • Exporting the design as a new project / into an existing project / only selected screens,

  • Working in an all-in-one place with the team,

… and many more.

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