Hero AI Assistant

Use Hero AI Assistant to convert to another development language, fix bugs, add validations, include translations, and more.

Once you finish creating your component or screen, now it's time to add more on top of it using Hero AI Assistant.

You can use Hero AI Assistant to add any code to the code that you created with Monday Hero. You can fix bugs, convert it to another development language that's not in Monday Hero yet, add a validation to the existing code, and much more.

Here is an example of how Hero AI Assistant works:

  1. Click on your project and navigate to the Hero Assistant button.

  1. Click 'Create Conversation' at the top right. Upon clicking, you will see the screen below. Select a screen or component code.

  1. Choose a pre-prepared prompt or write your own, then click 'Submit'. For this example, 'Convert to React' is selected.

  1. Once you click 'Submit', you will receive the updated code!

That's all. Continue chatting with Hero AI Assistant for all the changes you need in your code, such as adding validations, fixing bugs, and more.

Here are the pre-prepared prompts and additional functionalities you can explore with Hero AI Assistant:


  • URL Format Validation

  • Alphabetic Only Validation

  • Numeric Only Validation

  • Password Strength Validation

  • Pattern Matching (Regex) Validation

  • Email Format Validation

  • Alphanumeric Validation

  • Minimum Length Validation

  • Maximum Length Validation

  • Required Field Validation

  • Custom Validation

Bug Fixes:

  • Custom Bug Fix

  • Layout Overflow Bug Fix

Code Conversion:

  • Convert to a Specified Dev-Lang

  • Convert to SwiftUI

  • Convert to Kotlin

  • Convert to React

  • Convert to React Native

UI Manipulation:

  • Make An Element Parametric for Dynamic Content

  • Make All Elements Parametric for Dynamic Content

  • Center the Title in a Button

  • Rename a UI Element

  • Remove All Suffixes

  • Remove a Suffix

Other Features:

  • Explain Code

  • Translate to Another Language

  • Improve JSON Key Readability

  • Get the Full Code

You can use Hero AI Assistant with tokens. Please find detailed information about the tokens here:

pageFrequently Asked Questions

If you have new prompt requests or any questions, please contact us at team@mondayhero.io or visit https://mondayhero.io and start a chat from the bottom right of the page.

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