Installing the Desktop App

Install Monday Hero Desktop app to import Sketch/Adobe XD file to Monday Hero and enjoy saving time, improve handoff quality, and meet deadlines.

How to Install Monday Hero's Desktop App

You can use Monday Hero without downloading the Desktop App here. You only need the desktop app for importing the design file into Monday Hero.

Setting up Monday Hero takes just a few clicks. Here are the 2 steps to complete it:

1 - Sign up and create an account via our website. You can manage your current plan, send invitations, and get invited to projects by using your account.

2 - Download file, unpack the ZIP. That's it. You can log in with your account and password.

Monday Hero is compatible with macOS High Sierra (10.13.4) and Sketch 52/Adobe XD 13 or higher.

Sketch / Adobe XD Plugins

Sketch plugin will be automatically installed when you install Monday Hero.

3- Download and Install Adobe XD plugin (if needed).

If you can’t see the plugin in Sketch/Adobe XD, Plugins > Monday Hero, you can manually download it from here and double-click to install in seconds.

Just download and double-click to install Adobe XD Plugin.

As new versions become available, Monday Hero tells you with a pop-up, or you can check manually by clicking Monday Hero > Check for Updates. That's it. Let's Login & Create Your First Project.