Import Adobe XD Design Files into Monday Hero

Import Adobe XD design files to Monday Hero to get iOS/Android code.

The first step to create your app with Monday Hero is importing the designs to Monday Hero. You can either watch the video below or continue to read to learn how to import designs easily to Monday Hero.

You'll need the Monday Hero desktop app when importing your design file to Monday Hero. Download the desktop app here, if you don't already have it. Follow the steps below to download the plugins and importing your design.

  1. Click here to install Monday Hero Plugin for Adobe XD.

2. When the installation is done, you can see the Monday Hero Plugin under the Plugins menu. Make sure the Monday Hero desktop is open.

3. Select the artboards you want to import and click the 'Export Selected Artboard(s)' button.

4. As the last step, choose the project and click Import.

You will see a loading window, the artboards you've selected will be analyzed and uploaded to your project. Once it's done, the imported screens will be seen in your project.

Congrats! It's done. You can continue to work on components on the screens individually or share them with your team.

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