Monday Hero

Login & Create a Project

Log in to Monday Hero. Create an iOS / Android project.

The first step of Design to Code

A project on Monday Hero contains everything that you need for creating the UI of your app, from designs to layout code, assets, colors, and fonts. Monday Hero automatically converts the design that's uploaded into the mobile code. This page provides a summary of you how to log in and create your first project.

Login to Monday Hero

When you launch the app, you will see the login pop-up below. You can easily sign in to Monday Hero with your email and password that you created on the sign-up page.
Log in to Monday Hero.
If you have login issues, you can reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password button. Enter the email address you used to register with Monday Hero to Forgot Password page and you'll receive an email to reset your password.

Create an iOS Project

When you logged in successfully, you will see the projects page. On this page, you can create one and see your projects. To create your first project, click the '+' button, and select a project type. Available project types are iOS and Android (Beta). To complete creating your first project, enter a project name, and click the Create button like it's shown below.
Click the project and you will see the No Screens Added To Project screen. You'll have an empty project:
No Screens Added to Project Page.
To continue, export your design from Sketch or invite your teammate/designer to your project.