Create Flutter Components

Create components like buttons, text fields, lists, grids, and much more...

Monday Hero is designed to automatically recognize the images, texts, and views in your design. However, to develop a fully functioning app, essential components such as buttons and text fields must be manually created. This document guides you through creating components on Monday Hero to achieve a fully operational app.

Types of Components

In Monday Hero, there are two main types of components: System Components and Custom Components.

  • System Components: These are predefined components provided by the development language, such as a Material Button.

  • Custom Components: These are components that you create using system components. For example, a custom component might be a part of the screen that includes buttons, texts, and text fields, making it more readable and reusable.

Please refer to the sections for examples of both system and custom components.

How to Create a Component?

You can learn how to create components by watching the video below or by continuing to read this guide.

Monday Hero detects every design element as images, texts, and views, similar to what you see below. It’s crucial to convert these elements into functional components:

Next, begin creating system components.

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