🏖️Travel App

Build and run the Travel App in both iOS & Android. The source code and designs are available in Sketch and Adobe XD, also free to use.

Travel App Tutorial iOS code and Sketch/Adobe XD design included.

In this tutorial, a travel app that's shown below will be created with Monday Hero App.

In this app, users can share the pictures that they take, have a timeline and profile page like Instagram. Depending on your experience and the drafts that you have, building an app UI like this one, takes hours to days. We will build this app from scratch, with no codebase. With this tutorial, you can do it less than half an hour. This tutorial is published on Monday Hero blog, you can reach the link below.

If you are a new user of Monday Hero, click here for getting started with the installation. You can read information from the sign up to create the first project.

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