Sync Code

After you have completed creating new components and editing assets, you're ready to retrieve your code! You can synchronize the updated code with your local project files.

Options for Synchronization

  • Sync to Your Own Project: If you prefer to use your existing project, ensure that it includes the necessary localization and router libraries as explained here. This approach requires manual setup of dependencies.

  • Use Our Base Project for a Quick Start: For a faster setup, you can utilize our Base Project, which comes pre-configured with all required dependencies, allowing you to start immediately without additional setup.

Save The Project Path

To sync your code to your project, Monday Hero needs to know the project path where you want the files added. Monday Hero will automatically prompt you for this path when you initiate the syncing process. Alternatively, you can specify the path manually by accessing the settings.

Once you are on the Settings screen, click the 'see more' icon, represented by '...', and select your project path.

Ensure that the Project Name matches the name in the pubspec.yaml file, then save your changes.

Once you click 'Save', you're now ready to start syncing your project.

Synch Code to Your Project

Once you save your project path, you're ready to sync your code. Monday Hero automatically updates the files in your local directory.

Synch All Screens

If you want to sync all the screens, components, assets, colors, font styles, and more, you should choose the 'Sync All Screens' option. Select this option from the drop-down menu and wait a few seconds while Monday Hero processes the updates. You're now up to date!

Synch This Screen/Component

If you prefer to sync only the screen or component you're currently working on, click the 'Sync This Screen' option in the drop-down menu. Just wait a few seconds while Monday Hero does its job. You're up to date!

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