Convert TextField/EditText component to Android/iOS code.

TextField in Swift and EditText in Kotlin is generally used for form pages. It's generally used for the user to enter the email and password like in the images below. TextFields have different names and properties in iOS and Android, they're explained below.

Examples of Components


TextFields have 4 properties in Monday Hero :

Text: The initial text displayed by the text field. You can specify the text as a plain string or as an attributed string.

Placeholder: A placeholder is a text displayed by the textField when the string is empty. Typing any text into the text field hides this string.

Left icon: You can add an icon to the left side of the textField.

Right icon: You can add an icon to the right side of the textField.

Generated iOS/Android code

Let's see the code that generated for the e-mail textField.

import UIKit

class SignInViewController: UIViewController {

//Connection from an Interface Builder to a UI component
@IBOutlet private weak var emailTextField: UITextField!

	override func viewDidLoad() {

extension SignInViewController {
	private func setupViews() {
		//TextField properties
		emailTextField.layer.borderColor = UIColor.salt.cgColor
		emailTextField.layer.borderWidth =  1
		emailTextField.layer.cornerRadius = 21.5
		emailTextField.layer.masksToBounds =  true 
		emailTextField.backgroundColor = UIColor.daisy
		emailTextField.placeholder = NSLocalizedString("email", comment: "")
		emailTextField.textColor = UIColor.indigo
		emailTextField.font = UIFont.textStyle5
		emailTextField.textAlignment = .left 
		emailTextField.setLeftView(leftViewFrame : CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 22, height: 43))

You can do further edit/configurations in your IDE after you export it.

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