Share Your Project & Manage Roles

Share your project with your team members

On Monday Hero, you can collaborate as a project team. Share the design and work on the same codebase to enhance project efficiency. This page outlines information about member types and how to manage your project team.

The owner of the project is the user who created it. Only the project owner has the authority to manage member settings. Every project can include an unlimited number of designers, while the number of developers is limited and varies according to your subscription plan. You can upgrade your plan to increase the number of seats as needed. If the available plans do not fit your team's needs, please contact us.

Member Settings

Working as a team is essential when creating an app. Follow the steps below to access the Member Settings menu and manage your team:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over your project to reveal the Settings icon. Click on the Settings icon and select 'Member Settings' to view the project members.

Invite Members to Your Project

In Member Settings, enter the email address, select the role, and click the 'Send Invite' button. Monday Hero will automatically send an email invitation to the new user to join the project. If they have not already signed up, once they do and join, they will have access to the project.

That's it! You've successfully invited your teammate.

Remove Members From Your Project

In Member Settings, click the 'See More' icon, represented by '...', next to the user you want to remove, and then click 'Remove.' Once a member is removed, they will no longer have access to the project. You can re-invite any removed members to your project if needed.

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