When you import a design into Monday Hero, it identifies all the colors used in the design and saves them in HEX and RGB formats, along with their opacity values. It also removes duplicates to ensure your app has no redundant colors.

Navigate to the 'Theme/Colors' tab to review and rename the colors in your project. Please note that all colors are automatically downloaded when you sync the code with your project.

Generated Code Example:

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

abstract class MHAppColors {
  Color get anchor => const Color(0xff3a434f);
  Color get cloud => const Color(0xffb3bfd0);
  Color get daisy => const Color(0xffffffff);
  Color get pewter => const Color(0xff5c6979);
  Color get salt => const Color(0xffe6e6e6);
  Color get silver => const Color(0xffa8b6c8);
  Color get spruce => const Color(0xff323b45);

Check out the following directory to access the colors file generated by Monday Hero:


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