Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monday Hero?

Monday Hero is a platform that translates your designs into reusable Swift and Dart code. It helps to accelerate development, ensure consistency, and promote efficient teamwork.

Which design platforms does Monday Hero support?

Monday Hero supports Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch. You can find information about uploading files in the documentation.

How much time can Monday Hero save me?

While it varies based on the project and individual work pace, Monday Hero users often report a time saving of up to 60% on the design-to-code process by reducing the need to code design details manually.

What programming languages does Monday Hero generate code for?

Currently, Monday Hero provides code generation for Swift (iOS) and Dart (Flutter). React will be supported for the web and it's on the roadmap. You can use Hero AI Assistant to convert the generated code for Swift or Flutter to React or any other development language.

What is the ETA for React project support?

React project support is on our roadmap. Currently, the team is working on the React support. We're in the internal test phases. Users will be able to start React projects by Q3-2024 (probably in Sept), at which point we will begin collecting feedback. We aim to complete reviews in Beta and resolve any bugs by Q4, moving the React support to a stable release.

You can currently use 'Convert to React' prompts with the Hero AI Assistant on Swift or Flutter projects to get React code for your components.

What is Hero AI Assistant?

Hero AI Assistant is an AI tool designed to enhance and expand upon your coding projects on Monday Hero. After creating a component or screen, you can use Hero AI Assistant to add functionalities, fix bugs, convert code into different programming languages, and apply a wide range of validations. It offers a variety of pre-ready prompts such as bug fixes, code conversion, UI manipulation, and validation rules to streamline development and ensure code quality.

What is AI Token?

Tokens are like pieces of words. The Hero AI Assistant uses different AI models, each with unique capabilities and costs, to help with conversations. Each model uses a varying number of Hero AI tokens. For example, 1000 AI Hero Tokens are equivalent to 10,000 tokens when using the GPT 3.5 model.

How are AI Hero Tokens consumed? Does generating code for 1 screen consume 1 AI token?

AI Hero Tokens are not consumed, when you are generating code within the Monday Hero project.

Tokens begin to be consumed only while you are interacting with the AI Assistant. In the Hero AI Assistant, there are ready-made prompts available for use with AI Hero Tokens, or you can create your own prompts and integrate additional code into your Monday Hero projects. You’re able to see this on the Hero AI Assistant screen.

Within the Hero AI Assistant, you have the ability to convert your code into another development language, such as React, Kotlin, SwiftUI, and others. You can also fix bugs, add validations, or even translate your app's text into different languages.

You can find more information about the Hero AI Assistant here.

What does 'Project' refer to? How do project limitations work?

MondayHero enables you to create and manage multiple projects at the same time. Here, a "Project" typically refers to an application (it could be an iOS app, Flutter app, etc.) for which you can import screen designs.

Project limitation refers to the maximum number of active projects you can have simultaneously. For example, with Starter plan, if you have already created one project but wish to start another, you can simply delete the existing project and replace it with the new one. Additionally, you have the option to export the code of your projects if needed before deleting them.

Does Monday Hero support custom components?

Yes, with Monday Hero, you can create a library of custom, reusable components from any part of your design, enhancing your productivity.

How can I get started with Monday Hero?

To start with Monday Hero, simply sign up for a free trial on our website and upload your design. If you want to see how it works before starting, we offer a demo as well.

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