Text Area

Convert TextView/Text component to iOS/Android code.

Text View allows the user to enter more than one line of text. A textView image is and its code is shown below.

A Text View Example

While creating the component, Monday Hero automatically detects the text and Background in the TextView.

Generated iOS/Android Code of TextView

import UIKit
class HomePageViewController: UIViewController {
//Connection from an Interface Builder to a UI component
@IBOutlet private weak var addNotesTextView: UITextView!
override func viewDidLoad() {
extension HomePageViewController {
private func setupViews() {
//TextView properties
addNotesTextView.backgroundColor = UIColor.daisy2
addNotesTextView.text = NSLocalizedString("add.note.here", comment: "")
addNotesTextView.textColor = UIColor.spruce_40
addNotesTextView.font = UIFont.textStyle5
addNotesTextView.textAlignment = .left

Android does not have a separate component for Text Areas, the same code is used for the Texts are also used for Text Areas.