Monday Hero

Add Exported Files into an Xcode Project

Add the project files, and run in both Android Studio/Xcode.

Create an Xcode project

If you haven't created a project before, you can easily follow these steps and create one or you can directly go for adding new files into an existing project. Step 1: Open the Xcode and click "Create a new Xcode project".
Create a new project in Xcode.
Step 2: Select the iOS template and App.
Select "App" from Application menu.
Step 3: Name your project and click "Next".
That's it for creating an Xcode project, let's continue with adding generated Monday Hero files.
If you want to learn more about creating a project in Xcode, you can read about Creating an Xcode Project for an App.

Add Project Files into an Xcode project

Step 1: Open the project, right-click to the project folder and select 'Add Files To [nameOfTheProject]'
Step 2: Click the new files that are only in the main folder. No need to go for the base/assets folder. And click Add.
All done. All selected files are added to the project as can be seen below.
A working project example can be seen below. All the files are created and located.

Example of an Exported Project and Generated iOS/Android Code

Storyboard File The screens are downloaded as Main.storyboard file (Also it is possible to export only code, without Storyboard). Downloaded Storyboard file:
Downloaded Storyboard file for entire project.
Colors The colors are downloaded as a single file and automatically named by Monday Hero in Colors.swift file. The colors' values are also not duplicated.
Colors.swift file.
Fonts The fonts and their sizes are downloaded in one file as text styles and can be found/edited in the Fonts.swift file.
Fonts.swift file.
Strings The strings are also exported in a single file for the whole project in Localizable.strings file.
Localizable.strings file.
Assets One of the most important exported files is assets. They are downloaded in 1x, 2x, and 3x densities. They are all ready to use and automatically sized. They can be found in Assets.xcassets folder.
Asset folder and files in an exported project.
⚠️This feature is available in only Mac App. Web App support for Android is coming soon. If you need to install the desktop app
Layouts The layouts are ready as can be seen below.
List page layout of Travel App in Android Studio.
Colors We can see the colors in colors.xml file. These colors are named automatically by Monday Hero.
Please note that there are no duplicated values in colors, fonts, and strings.
Downloaded Colors in colors.xml
Strings As we mentioned above, the strings are also exported. They are placed in the strings.xml file.
Downloaded Strings in strings.xml file
Fonts Also, we gather the fonts and their sizes in one place as text styles and which can be found/edited in the fonts.xml file.
Downloaded Text Styles in fonts.xml
Assets And the last but not least, the assets. They are all ready to use and automatically sized in the res folder.The images are downloaded in mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi and, xxxhdpi densities.
Android Image Assets
As can be seen above, the project is ready to run. After these steps, the development takes place out of Monday Hero. With already exported project UI as an Xcode project or Android Studio project, and it is ready for development. Now it is time to work on the backend services and configurations as planned. Happy coding!