Roles & Manage the Project Team
Manage the developers, designers, and import work on Adobe XD/Sketch design to one place.

Improve the teamwork and work collaboratively

On Monday Hero, you can work and collaborate as a project team. You can share the design and work on the same codebase for the project. This page provides information about member types and managing the project team.

Roles of Designers and Developers

Every project can include an unlimited number of designers. The number of developers is limited and can be changed depending on your plan. You can increase your plan and seat as much as you need. If the available plans don't match with your team, you can contact us.
The owner of the project is the user that created the project. Only the owner of the project can manage member settings. An owner can be either designer or developer. You can see the developer and designer rights below.

🖥 Developer

    See and edit the generated code
    Change code preferences
    Download the layout code
    Download assets, colors, and fonts code
    Export code as an Xcode or Android Studio project.
… and all of the below.

🎨 Designer

    Create and delete components
    Upload designs
    See colors and fonts
    Create and delete projects.

Manage Your Team

While creating an app, it's crucial to work as a team. You can follow the steps below to see the Member Settings menu and manage your team.
Move the mouse cursor over your project, you will see the Settings icon becomes visible. Click the Settings icon > Member Settings to see the members of the project.
Open the Member Settings of a Project.

Invite Project Team Members

In Member Settings, you can add members with their email addresses. Monday Hero automatically sends an email invitation to the new user to join the project. When they sign up and join, they will be able to see the project.
Inviting a team member to a project.
When you create a project in the Monday Hero, you will be in the 'Developer' role at first. Thus, you can have the whole functionality in the project.
In the free plan, a project can include 1 developer and an unlimited number of designers. If you need more developer seats, you can check our pricing.

Remove Members

In Member Settings, click See More icon shown as "..." that's next to the user you want to remove and click Remove from project. When you remove a member, the member won't be able to see the project anymore.
Removing a member from project.
You can re-invite the removed member/s to your project.

What's Next?

Let's get down to your project! If you don't have the exported design file yet, you can get in contact with the designer(if possible) or export your own design file. If you already have the design, let's start to work with Monday Hero.
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